Trend analysis

Analyze the evolution of trends over time and understand conversation drivers as well as the audience.

Emerging trends

Discover emerging trends ahead of the market:-

Spot industry trends before they become mainstream by analyzing data going back two years.

Use time-lapse graphs to track trend evolution over time.

Catch trends at the right moment by detecting emerging trends early.

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React instantly

React instantly with real-time insights:-

Respond immediately to trending topics with real-time social media analytics.

Gauge changes in audience reaction by the day, hour or even minute.

React to industry disruption faster by understanding how trends are developing.

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Great visualizations

Understand your data better with great visualizations:-

View all results in interactive graphs and charts that allow for quick drill down into specific results.

Clarify findings easily with intelligible data visualizations that are ideal for presentations.

Discover national and regional audience preferences by tracking trends from around the world.

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