Supplier tracking

Track and be alerted in case any of your suppliers impacts your supply chain.

Crisis alerts

Receive automated crisis alerts:-

Detect critical early warning signals and proactively intervene to prevent a potential snowball effect.

Automatically receive alerts by email of any unusual activity around your company, brand or management.

React to supply chain disruption instantly by setting up a robust alerts framework.

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Social discussions

Instantly sift through millions of social discussions:-

Tap into online discussions about your products and services across 10+ social networks, forums, review sites and more.

Sort results quickly with intuitive fast tagging functions.

Do due diligence on new suppliers by conducting comprehensive online and social research over 2 years of back data.

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Sort results

Sort results by relevance:-

Focus on conversations that matter by sorting results according to key social metrics such as reach and engagement or social media specific metrics like retweets and Facebook shares.

Results are instantly refreshed.

Gauge the severity of supply chain issues using a variety of metrics for online and social activity.

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