Standard pricing

We have put affordable packages together for small, medium and enterprise companies.

Standard pricing


The DEQ standard package delivers a detailed media intelligence report every 30 days with secure access to the real-time client dashboard.

Custom inputs are used within pre-defined data and search parameters to construct the client dashboard. Direct access to the client dashboard facilitates data model flexibility and output variations linked to a live real time data feed. Standard dashboard parameters can be defined as follows:

Search dimension 1

Client product, brand and business name variations - all mentions own and audience.

Search dimension 2

Competitor product, brand and business name variations - top competitor posts (2 competitor limit).

Search dimension 3

Top influencers in terms of reach and engagement potential.

Search dimension 4

Client social media performance and evaluation - Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Search dimension 5

Top competitor hashtags and themes.

Search dimension 6

Competitor product, brand and business name variations – all audience content.

Search dimension 7

Social signals and need identification – client opportunity and lead generation.

Plus up to 3 additional search dimensions as specified by the client. All search dimension coverage single country selection content.

Competitor selections can be changed subject to a 30 day notice period.


12 month agreement payable upfront.

24 month agreement monthly payment option.

US $250 per month.