Product launch

Measure attitudes, conversations and behavior towards a product launch.

Identify issues

Identify product issues using smart filters:-

Instantly uncover problems with products and services using up to 50 different customizable filters.

Pinpoint product strengths and weakenesses and prioritize areas for refinement.

Improve product reception by discovering the issues customers care about.

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React instantly

React instantly with real-time insights:-

Respond immediately to trending topics with real-time social media analytics.

Gauge changes in audience reaction by the day, hour or even minute.

Measure success more effectively using a range of advanced metrics.

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Track reputation

Track reputation across online, offline and visual content:-

Get access to 100% of tweets through the Twitter firehose, coverage of 10+ social networks, 150 million websites, print and tv/radio broadcast data and 30,000 brand logos using our proprietary image recognition technology.

Combat product issues instantly using automatic alerts and extensive filtering options.

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