Product information

Put Social Data Intelligence to Work. Instantly.

Social media listening

We provide powerful, leading global coverage:-

  • We use the only platform that analyzes online, social, print and TV/radio content.
  • We cover global owned and earned media in 187 languages.
  • Get 100% of tweets in real time with full access to Twitter Firehose - including deleted tweets.
  • Proprietary crawling technology indexes more than 150 million local and international websites, 10+ social networks.
  • We have access to an extensive archive of major global TV, radio, print media and newswires from LexisNexis® to get a 360-degree view of your brand's performance and reputation on all media channels.
  • 30,000 brand images are tracked using proprietary image recognition technology.
  • Have full visibility of trends at the right moment by monitoring speed of sharing articles, tweets, images and more.
  • Monitor results in real-time and get instant access to 2 years of historic data.

Social media analytics

Find actionable insights in real-time using unique analytics:-

  • Analyze text and visual content together using fully integrated image recognition technology.
  • Learn how to replicate viral campaigns with our unique Virality Map.
  • Uncover opportunities to collaborate with people and brands using Smart Theme analytics.
  • Find insights faster – our predefined dashboards for multiple use cases ranging from crisis management to campaign monitoring.
  • Discover meaningful correlations by seamlessly adding custom data to graphs.

Social media reports

Save 40% of time with automatic report creation and distribution:-

  • Use more than 30 prebuilt use cases to easily create reports on social media performance.
  • Build customized dashboards to share insights efficiently with your teams.
  • Schedule automated alerts, reports and newsletters delivered straight to your inbox.
  • Create and download reports in multiple formats including PowerPoint, Word, PDF and Excel.
  • Share widgets, reports and dashboards with one click to make sure everyone is up to date.

Social data intelligence

Build a data intelligence hub to empower your business decisions:-

  • Ensure data integrity by having one centralized data intelligence platform.
  • Enhance existing BI solutions through seamless addition of social data insights.
  • Create a bespoke data intelligence solution by instantly adding your own data sets into the DataEyeQ's platform.
  • Use social media analytics to optimize engagement efforts through DataEyeQ’s Hootsuite integration.


Lead generation:-