Media research

Discover powerful insights by slicing and dicing through vast quantities of data.

360° view

Get a 360° view of any brand, company or industry:- Get access to 100% of tweets through the Twitter firehose, coverage of 10+ social networks, 150 million websites, print and tv/radio broadcast data and 30,000 brand logos using our proprietary image recognition technology.

Optimize marketing strategy using up-to-date audience insights

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Filter quickly

Filter quickly and easily to reach important insights:- Benefit from high quality data refined through 50 filters and access up to two years of back data. Sort results by engagement, comments, publishing date or follower size. Save time using our easy to use fast tagging function.

Find hidden opportunities by understanding the wants and needs of the social public

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Export data

Export data to Excel, CSV and RSS:- Quickly export data in multiple formats to perform advanced social media analysis. Easily integrate social data into your BI tools or common statistical tools to manipulate it efficiently.

Get a more complete picture of your customer by combining social insights with traditional market research

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