Powerful social listening

Listen to what the world is saying about your brand, products and campaigns across social networks, online and offline.

Protecting your brand

By leveraging one of the world’s most complete search indexes of online, social, print, radio/TV and visual content:-

  • You can be assured knowing that all relevant discussions about your brand are monitored in your own country and across the world.

  • You are able to detect critical early warning signals and proactively intervene to prevent a crisis with sentiment analysis across 29 languages and AI powered alerts.
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Driving success

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The trial and error approach is good but how about learning what really boosts performance of your social channels?:-

  • Refine your social media strategy using a wide variety of advanced social metrics such as reach, engagement, share of voice and trending score.
  • Get an edge by benchmarking your social channel performance against competitors.

Spotting trends

Focusing on the now is crucial to every marketing strategy. Make real-time marketing work for your brand:-

  • Easily discover emerging trends using intuitive, automated alerts.
  • Find the right moment to engage and tell a compelling story to your customers with our unique Trend Discovery solution.
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