Keyword research

Measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns and identify the key people associated with ads.

Smart themes

Find the right angle using Smart Themes:-

Analyze the top hashtags, people and brands linked to trending stories instantly with Smart Themes.

Pinpoint the perfect approach to make your post, blog or messaging stand out.

Make sure your campaign reaches the right audience through in-depth social keyword research.

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Filter quickly

Filter quickly and easily to reach important insights:-

Benefit from high quality data refined through 50 filters and access up to two years of back data. Sort results by engagement, comments, publishing date or follower size.

Save time using our easy to use fast tagging function.

Create more targeted messaging for each region/demographic using advanced filters.

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React instantly

React instantly with real-time insights:-

Respond immediately to trending topics with real-time social media analytics.

Gauge changes in audience reaction by the day, hour or even minute.

Stay up to date by tracking keywords trends for your industry in real-time.

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