Investor relations

Track investor relations news, understand conversations and be alerted.

Automated alerts

Receive automated crisis alerts:-

Detect critical early warning signals and proactively intervene to prevent a potential snowball effect.

Automatically receive alerts by email of any unusual activity around your company, brand or management.

Stay on top of all potentially share price sensitive discussions.

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Social and financial

Combine social data with financial data:-

Easily plot social data and financial data on one graph to find correlations.

Identify price sensitive social media events instantly.

Predict price movements based on in-depth analysis of social data.

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Proprietary crawling

Data from Print, TV, Online and Social:-

Benefit from proprietary crawling technology indexing more than 150 million local and international websites, 10+ social networks and running on 1500 servers.

Access an extensive archive of major global TV, radio, print media and newswires from LexisNexis® to get a 360-degree view of your brand's performance and reputation on all media channels.

Be warned of major investor relations issues by setting up instant alerts for critical topics.

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