Influencer management

Identify influencers and measure their impact on your business.

Key influencers

Find the key influencers for your brand or industry:-

Identify the key bloggers, tweeters, journalists and thought leaders that impact your brand and industry.

Create source panels to track the most important influencers.

Improve PR efforts by targeting the most influential publications.

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Measure performance

Measure performance using influencer analytics:-

Identify the influencers that matter for your needs with influencer performance metrics.

Dig deeper into social data to find new ways to connect and collaborate with key industry figures.

Measure ROI of your influencer initiatives using powerful KPI metrics.

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Filter quickly

Filter quickly and easily to reach important insights:-

Benefit from high quality data refined through 50 filters and access up to two years of back data.

Sort results by engagement, comments, publishing date or follower size. Save time using our easy to use fast tagging function.

Boost credibility by finding the right influencer for every campaign.

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