Industry trends

Stay on top of industry trends and understand your competitors positioning.

Emerging trends

Discover emerging trends ahead of the market:-

Spot industry trends before they become mainstream by analyzing data going back two years.

Use time-lapse graphs to track trend evolution over time.

Identify the trends that really matter by analyzing up to 2 years of back data.

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Social discussions

Instantly sift through millions of social discussions:-

Tap into online discussions about your products and services across 10+ social networks, forums, review sites and more.

Sort results quickly with intuitive fast tagging functions.

Know the factors that drive overall sentiment and trends.

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Understand your data better with great visualizations:-

View all results in interactive graphs and charts that allow for quick drill down into specific results.

Clarify findings easily with intelligible data visualizations that are ideal for presentations.

Identify the most effective industry influencers to collaborate with.

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