Hashtag tracking

Get insights, compare performance and create reports about hashtags related to a campaign or event.

Campaign reach

Measure the reach of campaigns:-

Track buzz, engagement rates and the potential reach of your online campaigns across all major social networks, blogs, forums, news sites and more.

Filter and sort results by language, location and sentiment. Monitor earned and owned media coverage.

Amplify campaign reach by finding the top performing hashtags for your industry.

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Hashtag metrics

See all hashtag metrics in one place:-

Use Hashtag Tracking to get a complete view of your campaign.

Instantly identify the top posts, influencers and themes linked to your hashtags.

Judge the success of hashtag campaigns using a wide range of hashtag metrics.

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Get to know your audience:-

Discover the optimum times to post by identifying when your audience is online.

Find out what types of posts drive the most engagement on social channels.

Save time creating campaign and event reports with easy-to-use reporting functions.

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