Event performance

Track, analyze and evaluate the performance of events. Identify key influencers.

Hashtag metrics

See all hashtag metrics in one place:-

Use Hashtag Tracking to get a complete view of your campaign.

Instantly identify the top posts, influencers and themes linked to your hashtags.

Measure success of events based on predetermined social KPIs.

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Measure performance

Measure performance using influencer analytics:-

Identify the influencers that matter for your needs with influencer performance metrics.

Dig deeper into social data to find new ways to connect and collaborate with key industry figures.

Benchmark event marketing efforts using reach and engagement metrics.

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React instantly

React instantly with real-time insights:-

Respond immediately to trending topics with real-time social media analytics.

Gauge changes in audience reaction by the day, hour or even minute.

Identify top event influencers and find the best way to engage.

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