Customer service

Save time in customer service by boosting your engagement platform with the right social insights and efficient filtering techniques.

Customer issues

Identify customer issues using smart filters:-

Instantly uncover problems with customer experience using up to 50 different customizable filters.

Pinpoint strengths and weaknesses and prioritize areas for refinement.

Solve customer issues faster by monitoring unsolicited comments on social and forums.

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Crisis alerts

Receive automated crisis alerts:-

Detect critical early warning signals and proactively intervene to prevent a potential snowball effect.

Automatically receive alerts by email of any unusual activity around your company, brand or management.

Improve workflow using simple, automated tagging and assignment functions.

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Save time

Save time curating results:-

Easily tag, highlight, delete or assign posts to clients or colleagues.

Tag sentiment and importance or create custom tags to filter your results.

Manage workflows within the tool and automatically track handling of results.

Benchmark performance of social customer service using a wide variety of social KPIs.

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