Crisis tracking

Be alerted in real-time to potentially critical situations, track social conversations around issues, identify hotspots and create reports for management.

Crisis insights

Find key crisis insights quickly:-

Instantly see all major crisis metrics side by side.

Analyze positive and negative sentiments, gauge the spread of a crisis and drill down into spikes with one click.

Catch issues at an early stage using advanced alerting functionalities.

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Analyze sentiment

Analyze sentiment in 29 languages:-

Track brand reputation over time, view results by country, language or media type and manually adapt results as needed.

All this in English, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish and more.

Monitor negativity around your brand with sentiment analysis.

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Crisis alerts

Receive automated crisis alerts:-

Detect critical early warning signals and proactively intervene to prevent a potential snowball effect.

Automatically receive alerts by email of any unusual activity around your company, brand or management.

Prevent a crisis from becoming viral using the DataEyeQ's virality map.

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