Content marketing

Improve the effectiveness of the content in your marketing programs.

Discover content

Find the content that works best in your industry.

Analyze content metrics instantly and identify the key elements of effective content.

Expand content reach by finding the people and publications who will help it spread

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Campaign reach

Measure the reach of campaigns:-

Track buzz, engagement rates and the potential reach of your online campaigns across all major social networks, blogs, forums, news sites and more.

Filter and sort results by language, location and sentiment. Monitor earned and owned media coverage.

Connect with your audience by discovering the topics and problems that matter for them

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Smart themes

Find the right angle using Smart Themes:-

Analyze the top hashtags, people and brands linked to trending stories instantly with Smart Themes.

Pinpoint the perfect approach to make your post, blog or messaging stand out.

Refine strategy by uncovering the types of content that receive the most engagement

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