Client pitches

Save time in pitch preparation by assessing a brand’s online and social media footprint within seconds.

360° view

Get a 360° view of any brand, company or industry:-

Get access to 100% of tweets through the Twitter firehose, coverage of 10+ social networks, 150 million websites, print and tv/radio broadcast data and 30,000 brand logos using our proprietary image recognition technology.

Get a full view of your client's online and social footprint in seconds using pre-set dashboards.

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Save time

Save time with Intuitive dashboards:-

Intuitive, pre-defined social data dashboards - to see all the social metrics you need in one place for crisis management, brand perception, competitive intelligence and more.

Get tailored social insights for your needs in an instant.

Display key reporting metrics in the way you want using customizable reports.

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React instantly

Understand your data better with great visualizations:-

View all results in interactive graphs and charts that allow for quick drill down into specific results.

Clarify findings easily with intelligible data visualizations that are ideal for presentations.

Pinpoint areas of improvement with advanced filtering options.

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