Campaign measurement

Measure the effectiveness of your campaigns and identify the key people associated with the campaign.

Campaign reach

Measure the reach of campaigns:-

Track buzz, engagement rates and the potential reach of your online campaigns across all major social networks, blogs, forums, news sites and more.

Filter and sort results by language, location and sentiment. Monitor earned and owned media coverage.

Set meaningful goals for campaigns using a wide range of social key performance indicators.

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Campaign insights

Get tailored campaign insights with IQ Apps:-

Save time analyzing campaigns using our Campaign Monitoring IQ App.

This pre-defined dashboard provides all the social data you need to measure campaign success in one place.

Identify and approach key figures linked to campaigns in real-time.

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Understand your data better with great visualizations:-

View all results in interactive graphs and charts that allow for quick drill down into specific results.

Clarify findings easily with intelligible data visualizations that are ideal for presentations.

Make campaign reporting simple with easy to use reporting functions.

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