Audience research

Understand your social audience and find new audiences for products and services.

Campaign insights

Get tailored campaign insights:-

Save time analyzing campaigns.

This pre-defined dashboard provides all the social data you need to measure campaign success in one place.

Improve campaign targeting by knowing social audience preferences by segment.

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Social discussions

Instantly sift through millions of social discussions:-

Tap into online discussions about your products and services across 10+ social networks, forums, review sites and more.

Sort results quickly with intuitive fast tagging functions.

Reduce risk by having a clearer idea of customer needs before a product or campaign launch.

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Smart themes

Find the right angle using Smart Themes:- Analyze the top hashtags, people and brands linked to trending stories instantly with Smart Themes. Pinpoint the perfect approach to make your post, blog or messaging stand out.

Inspire your audience to act by using social data to speak their language.

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