Multi-channel media analytics with advanced sentiment analysis



We are a leading media intelligence company specializing in social listening, media monitoring, advanced data analytics and real time reporting.

We empower companies to make better decisions by providing deep insight into social media sentiment about brands and services. Optimize your marketing campaigns and protect your brand and reputation.

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Social media data can provide you with insights and media intelligence that you can act on. Broadcast monitoring and alerts notifies you when your brand is mentioned in print, radio and TV. We have cost effective solutions for all size companies.

Powerful social listening

Discover social media results with leading global coverage in 187 languages.

Insightful social analytics

Actionable insights social networks and over 150 million websites.

Fast and efficient reporting

Automatic report creation saves you time.

Instant social intelligence

You don't need to be a data scientist to uncover key insights.

Easy data integration

Integrate data into your enterprise to uncover even deeper insights.

Monitor social media

Monitor social media so that you can respond to complaints before they go viral.

Measure the reach of campaigns

Track engagement rates and the potential reach of your online campaigns across all major social networks, blogs, forums, news sites and more.

A 360° view of tweets

Get access to 100% of tweets through Twitter firehose.

Real time insights

Respond immediately to trending topics in real-time.

Sift through millions of social discussions

Millions of social discussions are analysed automatically for you.

Discover emerging trends

Spot industry trends before they become mainstream by analyzing data.

Lead generation

Uncover sales leads using our Suprascoop lead generation.